Highlights of Asia Pacific Maritime 2022

APM, the largest premium exhibition in Asia, is a vast school of knowledge to learn about the marine industry, where marine techniques and the scope of marine manufacturing companies are explored and tackling solutions are stipulated.

FREMONT, CA: Asia’s premier shipbuilding, marine, workboat, and offshore exhibition, APM (Asia Pacific Maritime) for the year 2022, has been wrapped on a positive note, with the attendees expressing their satisfaction with the anticipated surge. This 3-day event recorded nearly 7,285 trade employees with almost 286 companies across 27 countries and regions. Over 60 thought leaders and subject experts gathered for this insightful conference. Eight official pavilions from Australia, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Popular companies' high-ranked officers expressed their delight over meeting up with their suppliers directly, as they believe it would help them understand how the suppliers can adapt to technologies and predict the fortunes of companies. Meanwhile, another chief executive officer of a well-known marine solution provider shared his bond and trust in APM and concluded how accurate APM results are.

The APM held this year came up with various announcements and launches substantiating that the region’s business opportunities remain attractive to the industry and that APM is retained as the primary venue to form business alliances and sign collaborations.

• Ms. Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), headed the opening of APM on March 16th and was an acting witness of the Memorandum of understanding (MoU). It was signed between executive officers of Singapore and Korea Marine, paving the way for collaboration between their associations and allowing for maximum usage of shared networks and expertise for mutual work. On the other hand, this helps in offering comprehensive solutions for asserting owners and managers of the global maritime sector.

• Furthermore, on an economic note, a transmission solution contract was signed at APM 2022. The contract facilitates the "Electric Dream" ferry project, enhancing net-zero emissions in the shipping sector.

• The announcement of launching the next-generation electronic control that enables seamless integration of its skipper assistance, autonomous, electrification, and digitalization solutions were also made public in APM 2022.

• APM 2022 introduced ETSense, a 3-in-1 system featuring navigation, multi-sensor fusion, and computer vision, which utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced autonomy for perceiving the domain to maintain precise control of steering and speed during a voyage and re-route, helping in avoiding traffic and obstacles. Meanwhile, enabling a new level of streaming data to improve on-water operations was also introduced in APM 2022.

• Plans to expand SAILAS’s end-to-end connectivity were also charted to increase operational efficiency and safety for vessel operators and to enhance communication and entertainment for crew and passengers on board.

Besides being a platform for business collaboration, APM encourages learning and the sharing of knowledge. Thus, APM analyses methods of addressing challenges and exchanging ideas on upcoming trends in Container Shipping & Ports, Maritime Cybersecurity, and Sustainability and Technology.

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